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Social Sports Games Locations & Maps

For December 2018 and January 2019, Atlanta Coed sports games of AFLS we will be played at Grant Park Sydney St SE, Atlanta, GA 30308

So if you are interested in playing a great social coed game in Atlanta just come on down. You first game is free and also free for you friends.

Google Map it here

Grant Park Social Aussie Rules


Other times of the year at NH Scott Park (But right near East Atlanta Village) Map it here Google Maps

NH Scott Park AFLS

AFLS is a social Coed sports game now developed by the Atlanta Kookaburras to introduce Australian Rules Football to a whole new set of social and coed sports lovers in Atlanta. You do not need much to start just some enthusiasm to play a team sport where everyone is a quarterback, there are no subs generally everyone plays so plenty of game time and exercise for anyone around Atlanta who wants to come on down and try it out.

You can also play pick-up games in this Atlanta coed sports league for a small fee each week. If you do join late there is often a discount and you still get the AFLS t-shirt as part of the deal

Where We Play Dec/Jan/Feb

Dec Jan Feb social games are at Grant Park ATL Map it here Google Maps