A local family social sports game that anyone really can play, called AFLS

This is a coed social sports game suitable for all corporations, a game that anyone really can play called AFLS. AFL stands for Australian Football League, the S = Social. AFL Social was first organized by the Atlanta Kookaburras Australian Rules Football Club, part of the Atlanta sporting landscape since 1998.

AFLS is played 7-9 aside coed game, on a field 75-90 yards in length normally used for soccer or football, but normally will be slightly oval shape. We are now are organizing corporate co-ed teams for games.

The game is entirely safe like any other Recreation sport, so is a 100% non tackle and non contact game everyone can enjoy. It will great for promoting health to your employees and managers, provides a challenge to learn a brand new sport and in doing so develop team work and leadership skills.

The added bonus is having a ton of fun and meeting many new friends and contacts. You might even meet some Aussies or network towards your next big client. Sign up your company coed sports team now, and you only need 7 players to play and we can help with some seasoned AFLS players to help out with tactics and game skills if you want, at no extra cost.

Players can rotate on and off the field at any time for a rest, so a few extras will come in handy.

When you sign up your AFLS Coed team you receive,

  • 15 high quality T-shirts
  • 1 Aussie Rules Football used in games
  • 6 games that includes all field hire, drinks and snacks afterwards,
  • Fully trained umpires provided as well as pre-game instruction.
  • Equipment all provided.
  • Team cost is $475 for up to 15 players. However that may vary on location, so drop us an email first.